How it all came to exist


Name and Goal

So in the beginning I had the hardest time choosing a name for this domain, but then I remembered Rukia Kuchiki has been one of favorite characters of all time, for a very long time, and it helped with name choosing greatly. I wanted to name my domain directly after her, or Tsunayoshi Sawada naming it Hakunetsu but Rukia ultimately won that debate. Plus Hakunetsu also comes from a popular kpop ship that I have adored forever.. If you know where it comes from then please don't look at me, I'm not crying you are. The name of the domain comes from an ability of Rukia Kuchiki's zanpakutou, Sode no Shirayuki. Rukia's zanpakutou has a set of three abilities called "dances"; My favorite of the three being the second dance named, Hakuren. Hakuren is a icy blast of sheer beauty and power that freezes everything in its path. I thought up of so many clever ideas too ( lmao no they were not clever at all trust me ), but I wound up just going with Hakuren.

My goal here at Hakuren is to create as many fansites as my life, and personal lack of persistence can handle. A common theme you might see throughout this domain is the use of manga images and a monochromatic theme. My old domain,, was commonly bright and colorful with lots of textures and brushes, but for some reason Hakuren.Org just stays forever in the "just how simple can I make this" spectrum.

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