Friends and Family

you got a friend in me~

So you're making your way through this cheesy little domain and I truly can not thank you enough. It means so much to me.. Speaking of "meaning so much to me" you are about to scroll upon my lovely lovely friends and affiliates. I greatly suggest you give them all a nice visit, trust me you wont be disappointed. Each person listed here has a unique quality about them, whether it be character shrines, cliques, fanlistings, I don't know, you name it! For now I am currently only affiliating with friends but if you're ever interested in exchanging links with me just throw an email my way and I would be more than happy to add you! :)

Below are some buttons you can use to link back to Hakuren. I'm really bad at keeping in theme, so there are random people from random series haha! If there is a size you want to use that's not here just let me know and I can do my best to make some!

100x35 codes listed below have been donated by my absolutely amazing 2016 Secret Santa, Megan.

200x40 buttons below were graciously donated by Masao.