The Organization

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Here is my infinitely changing projects section where ideas come and go, and interests can change on a daily basis. So far I only have one little website up and running hoarding other even smaller websites within it heh.. I have quite a few active projects however, and I do hope and intend on finishing them relatively soon! Though there isn't an impressive amount of subjects, my little domain adds another limb to the family tree ever so often. Writing shrines has been one of my weakest subjects, probably directly relating to my weakness in writing in general. I have a hard time writing out my thoughts in a more structured manner, since my everyday thought process is commonly me screaming and laughing about everything I encounter or enjoy. Plus everything I eventually write ends up sounding so off to me. It all seems so backwards and I over think literally everything and make things significantly harder than they need to be. I'm constantly asking my close friends "Does this sound right?" or "Does this make sense if I write it this way?" ~ However I do hope you can find something here to spark an interest, please stay tuned and thank you!!

The Current Network

Now for the actual network. Listed to the right are my current projects and ideas being constructed. Yes yes I know, I'm horrible for having more ideas being kept in a dark corner than I do actual websites set free into the sunshine wild. I am horrible at writing shrines and things in general so it takes me a week to write my name, no I'm really not that bad I'm completely just messing with you buhaha! Listed below are some websites I have up!

Project: Frozen Glass

Frozen Glass is my cool new project that I am currently working on and is my first priority! It's something I started up one evening and haven't stopped working on since. It's a shrine completely dedicated to Rukia Kuchiki's beautiful zanpakutou, Sode no Shirayuki.
#AMCZone 朽木: 3% complete

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