A long Love of Manga

I love Manga. I can’t remember when I lived without it, and I can’t imagine living without it in the future. This has made me the butt of many jokes from childhood until...well, around 10 minutes ago when I ran into an old friend from high school at the store.

So I don’t see my manga mania ever stopping, but even I realize sometimes I could broaden a bit. And I started to ask myself why I love manga so much. These are the reasons I found:

  • The animation/graphics
  • The world of fantasy
  • The sense of adventure

But where else could I find all of that?

On to...slots?

While it’s a bit counterintuitive, I found these same qualities playing online slots. I just happened upon somebody playing Divine Fortune once and I found the graphics and sound to be on par with what I’d seen in games. Then I searched and found americancasinoguide.com, which had good information about the different kinds of online slots available.
A lot of the slots games I found online pick up on some themes from my favorite manga comics. Plenty of wands and wizards and swords, so that makes me happy. Of course a good win helps, too!

31 Jan 2020